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IBC | We simplify people management

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Our Vision

We believe that organisational results are the result of people development and that only through strongly aligned and motivated people do these results last over time.

Our mission for the last 25 years has been to actively promote people management as the essential ingredient in the success of any organisation.

The new generation of leaders will surely be a generation of positive influencers, who mobilize people to action through example, and promote actions of involvement and development of collaborative work. It is in this framework that we want to participate as active drivers in the construction of the changes that lie ahead.

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Our Consultants adapt to your requirements and promote a context of development and creation of sustainable solutions.

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What Powers Us


The existing KNOWLEDGE in an organization can be used to create a differentiating advantage, so whenever we think of knowledge we think of COMPETENCE, in the power of INNOVATION and TALENT. At IBC we like to call it TALENTOLOGY! TALENTOLOGY integrates creativity, the conceptualization of new ideas, and innovation as a way of solving problems in organizations.


It is people who generate ideas, who influence ways of being and thinking. It is people who move businesses, generate results and make the world go round. The passion for what we do, the trust and credibility that we generate through our actions are reflected in the 25 years of projects and challenges we have overcome with the mission of 'influencing people in a positive way.'


Every day, we are challenged by our customers to think differently, outside the box, to look for alternatives, answers, solutions... Nonconformity in the search for results, knowledge, connections that allow us to be and give the best of each one of us!


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